Video Game Previews

This is our video game previews page. Here you can find every single preview we have ever published. Typically, the video game previews found here are based on hands-on impressions of games played during attendance at gaming conventions like E3 and Gamescom. Previews are generally intended to give a general impression of a game the writer has played which has not yet been released. In some cases this may be a negative one, however it should always be borne in mind that the content being previewed is incomplete and pre-release material.

Evolve Has a Monster Showing at PAX East 2014
Does 2K's new shooter revolutionize online multiplayer?
Stepping Into an Aztec Arena in Aztez
Experience the real Old Mexico with Occulus VR and Aztez.
Hitman Go is Surprisingly Enjoyable
Hitman now in the palms of your hand.
Wolfenstein: The New Order Kicks Ass at PAX East 2014
Wolfenstein The New Order is worth a pre-order.
The Crew Assembles at PAX East 2014
Are you wild enough to ride with The Crew?
Catching Big Air with Trials Fusion at PAX East 2014
Trials Fusion Comes Alive at PAX East 2014
Valiant Hearts Has a Brave Showing at PAX East 2014
Could this be a great game based on The Great War?
Attack or Defend England in War of the Vikings
War of the Vikings Preview
Death is Slow in Murdered: Soul Suspect
Patrick Day-Childs takes a look at Murdered: Soul Suspect
Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut is One for the Fans
Should you continue the revolution?
The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is Intriguing but Flawed
Epic loot..epic loot everywhere!
Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know! Hands-On!
Dungeon crawling goes back to its roots.
Protecting Gotham in Batman: Arkham Origins
The trilogy will soon be complete.
Hands-On Proof Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster is Coming to the West
Final Fantasy X/X-2 Remaster Plays the same but looks better.
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Creates Quite a Buzz at NYCC
Good ol' DK back for some more platforming action.
Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z Unleashes the Zombies at NY Comic-Con
Ninjas, Zombies, Cyborgs! Oh my!
Take Complete Control of Chicago in Watch Dogs
Hack into the city and make it your puppet.
Island Hopping in Mario Party: Island Tour
More minigame mayhem! Now with islands! And tours!
Can Lightning Strike Three Times in Lightning Returns Final Fantasy 13
Lightning Returns with some new moves!
Metroidvania Meets Batman in Arkham Origins Blackgate
Batmans back to his sidescrolling roots.