Nintendo Reveal New 3DS With "Second Analog Nub" - News

By Connor Weller, August 29, 2014

Today, Nintendo have revealed a "New Nintendo 3DS" with a number of major changes. These changes include two new shoulder buttons, an improved OS, multi-coloured face buttons, the Game Cartridge Slot at the bottom of the system, and perhaps most importantly an upgraded CPU and a second, small analog nub on the right hand side of the system. Debut pictures of the new system are below:

In addition, the new system will use Micro SD instead of SD cards, and will be Amiibo compatible. This New Nintendo 3DS will come in two sizes - Regular and XL - and will retail for 15000 and 18800 Yen (about $150 and $188), respectively, launching in Japan on October 11th. Fans have been requesting these additions since the system launched, and it appears that Nintendo have listened.

Source: [NintendoLife]

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