More Mass Effect 4 Concept Footage Shown Off - News

By Daniel Carreras, July 28, 2014

With Comic Con in full swing in San Diego, BioWare have shown off a few more details for their upcoming Mass Effect 4. The game will feature the Mako land rover again, allowing players to explore worlds to their heart's content:

mass effect 4  2

BioWare complimented this with a piece of concept footage, which can be seen below:

One thing worth noting is that the rover doesn't have any weaponry, suggesting that the traversal of planets may be more of a passive experience rather than an aggressive one. Also shown off were a few screenshots of what BioWare hope the Mako will look like in the final game, as well as some more concept art for how the player characters will look.

mass effect 4  1

Source: [The Escapist]

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