Oculus Moves to Prevent eBay Reselling of VR Headset - News

By Patrick Day-Childs, July 15, 2014

Oculus VR seems keen to prevent people reselling its headset. The company recently clamped down on people reselling in China, but now they're targeting eBay.

A forum user on Oculus VR pointed out that an eBay user was selling the version 2 headset for £499, even though they cost around £205 to buy directly. Some eBay users have even been asking for as much as $5000. 

Community Manager Cybereality commented:

"We found this guy's order and cancelled it. We don't allow resale of the development kit.

We also don't provide warranty on second-hand sales, so if you buy on eBay you are on your own."

Source: [Techcrunch]

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