Kinectless Xbox One Priced at $399 Releasing June 9th - News

By Karl Koebke, May 13, 2014

In a surprise move from Microsoft so close to E3, Yusuf Mehdi and Phil Spencer made a pretty huge announcement through a YouTube video today.  While many are happy with the Xbox One as it currently is there have always been complaints that the mandatory Kinect was raising the price for something the gamer didn't necessarily want.  Microsoft has heard these complaints and today the have announced a version of Xbox One without Kinect for $399, which will be available in all regions where Xbox One is currently sold on June 9th.

While the video mentions all the great things that can be done with Kinect and does its best to affirm Microsoft's belief in the peripheral, many gamers will no doubt rejoice at the new option.  While recent NPD results have been disappointing for the Xbox One, it'll be interesting to see how this rather significant drop in price will affect its sales in North America and UK where Microsoft historically does well.  Regardless, it'll be interesting to see how this affects platform sales

Here's the video:

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