Two-Thirds of Players Ditch Free-to-Play Mobile Games Within 24 Hours - News

By Daniel Carreras, April 11, 2014

App testing firm Swrve has recently published a report stating that 66 percent of players stop playing free-to-play mobile games within the first 24 hours. 

Angry Birds Go

The firm tracked 10 million new players over a 90-day period to get these statistics, tracking data from over 30 games from companies like WB Games, Activision, Epic Games, Zeptolab and Gameloft. 19 percent of players only opened the game once, with 66 percent of players dropping the title within 24 hours. The players spent only 45 cents on average throughout the 90 day period.

Swrve CEO Hugh Reynolds likened mobile games to a first date, stating "if it's going to be effective, it needs to be effective quick."

DeNA head of European game studios Ben Cousins noted that the numbers in Swrve's report are expected, tweeting that 40% retention by the second day is indicative of "a big hit".

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