Fatal Fury Premium Announced, but it's Not a Video Game - News

By Patrick Day-Childs, April 4, 2014

Any Fatal Fury fans out there? Well while you'll probably be ecstatic to hear that Fatal Fury Premium has been announced, you'll probably be less than happy to hear that it's not the usual fighting game, instead it's a machine.

And no, not an arcade machine - it's a Pachinko Slot machine. For those not familiar with Pachinko machines, they're basically arcade slot machines where a bunch of balls are dropped down the machine and land at the bottom, with certain spots triggering events, such as payouts (what? You think that's weirder than pulling a handle and watching three pictures appear?).

The trailer can be seen below, for Fatal Fury fans who wish to torture themselves with thoughts of what could have been:


Source: [AllGamesBeta]

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