Updated: Ray Cox (Stallion83) Set to Achieve 1 Million Gamerscore - News

By Daniel Carreras, March 12, 2014

Stallion83, the Xbox gamer who has made it one of his life goals to achieve 1 million Gamerscore on his Xbox profile, has managed to reach a staggering 998,160. 

Many may not support the concept of achievements in games, saying that it devalues the game mechanics and the merits of the game itself, but no one can deny that achieving 1 million Gamerscore requires quite some dedication and is an accomplishment in itself. 

He's been live streaming his progress on his way to breaking the barrier over on Twitch.tv, and should finish this lengthy goal (think over 8 years in the making) tonight.

Update: As of the 13th of March, he's done it:

Ray Cox 1 million gamerscore

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