Prominent Nintendo Shareholder Urges Shift to Mobile Market - News

By Noah Glaser, February 26, 2014

Recent financial struggles have led Seth Fischer, a prominent Nintendo shareholder, to urge a change in Nintendo's strategies. Primarily, he sees a shift to the mobile market, away from the console-only strategy that the company has been using for decades, as the way forward for the company.

In a letter to Iwata, Mr. Fischer wrote that "Nintendo needs to embrace this thematic change in consumer demand, behavior, and expectations to stay relevant." 

Iwata has long maintained that releasing their games on third-party platforms is against Nintendo's business strategy and long-term goals. Iwata recently stated that any short-term gain from releasing their IPs on mobile platforms would hurt the company down the road. He then elaborated and stated that Nintendo would instead be focusing on ways to use mobile devices to drive consumers towards their consoles and games. 

As of now, Nintendo will not comment on the letter from Mr. Fischer. However, one thing is most likely certain - we should not expect to see Mario on a smartphone anytime soon. 

Source: [Reuters]

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