Rumour: Tom Clancy's The Division Probably Delayed to 2015 - News

By Patrick Day-Childs, February 11, 2014

Ubisoft stated a few hours ago that only five of their major titles will see a 2014 release. That list consists of Watch Dogs, The Crew, a new Just Dance, and two unannounced titles, one of which is likely to be Far Cry 4.

After enquiries were made if Ubisoft had officially announced a date for The Division, Ubisoft CFO Alain Martinez said:

"No, we haven't officially. What we've said is that there is two more games [for release in Fiscal Year 15] that are still not announced that we will soon announce. So that's all we can say today."

This suggests that The Division won't be released until after April 2015, even though it was originally expected to land in Winter 2014.

At the moment, this is all speculation. But it's increasingly likely we'll have to wait for this title.

Source: [Videogamer]

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