Xbox One Won't be the Last Traditional Console - Phil Spencer - News

By Patrick Day-Childs, January 13, 2014

Cloud gaming is on the rise, and a lot of people have been questioning when, not if we'll wave goodbye to traditional consoles. We're already seeing some extremely impressive streaming advancements in this gaming generation. 

But, this isn't to be our last generation of traditional gaming consoles. At least not from Microsoft.

A tweet was sent out to Phil Spencer which asked if he thinks the Xbox One console will be the "last as we know it, running on local hardware"

Spencer replied:

"I don't. I think local compute will be important for a long time."

To be honest, I'm part of the dinosaur race. I love to have the console, I love to have the oversized, clunky piece of machinery sitting in my room. I don't want to give that up. 

Source: [OXM]

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