Pikmin 3 DLC Trailer Features Beaches, Caves, and Holiday Cheer - News

By Brent Galietti, December 7, 2013

Nintendo has released a trailer for the newest set of Pikmin 3 DLC, which became available this week. The trailer shows the real-time strategy series scouring beaches and caves and exploring the workings of a clock. There are three sets of DLC available: "Collect Treasure! Stages 7-10" ($1.99), "Battle Enemies! Stage 7-10" ($1.99) and "All New Mission Stages (12-15) x2" ($4.99). A festive holiday level will be given for free to players who purchase the DLC. The DLC levels also let you play as former Pikmin protagonist Captain Olimar to rescue Pikmin 2 protagonist Louie, who then becomes a playable character in the game.

Check out some of the new levels in the trailer below.

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