Terraria on Vita Gets Release Date & Cross-Play - News

By Gordon Bryant, December 7, 2013

Good news, Terraria fans, 505 Games has announced the official release date for Terraria on the PlayStation Vita, as well as some details concerning PlayStation Network cross-play features. The PlayStation Vita release dates are as follows:

Europe – December 11th 2013
North America – December 17th 2013

Terraria is coming on Vita!

In addition to Terraria being released on the Vita in the coming days, the PlayStation 3 version also gets a title update that unlocks cross system play between the PS3 and PlayStation Vita versions. No word on whether the title supports cross-buy, like many other indie games released on the PlayStation Network, and no price has been confirmed, though a $14.99 price point is likely.

I, for one, can't wait to play Terraria on the go. The portable nature of the PSVita would make for perfect short-burst sessions that will result in quick home modifications, a simple dungeon crawl, or a single boss fight. Now I'm just waiting for Minecraft on the Vita, and the system will be chock full of all my creative outlet needs.

Source: [Terraria Online via PSN Stores]


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