Shadow of the Eternals Returns to Kickstarter and Potentially PS4 - News

By Nick Pantazis, July 25, 2013

Spiritual sequel to beloved Gamecube game Eternal Darkness, Shadow of the Eternals is back after a failed and pulled Kickstarter. The game is asking half as much at $750,000 this time thanks to an outside investor. The developers are promising an even bigger game than before for the reduced price, and with a big bonus: a potential PlayStation 4 version. Of course the Wii U and PC options are still available. 

Shadow of the Eternals

The original kickstarter failure was attributed to the high cost and by many potential backers the involvement of Dennis Dyack. Dyack, despite being a driving creative force behind Eternal Darkness, has attracted a lot of ire recently for some very public flops and bullish comments. He is not mentioned on the new Kickstarter page. 

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