Latest Xbox 720 Rumours: Will Play Used Games, Not Online-Only - News

By Craig Snow, April 10, 2013

The seemingly unending stream of negative rumours surrounding Microsoft's next console (see, for example, this or this) might be about to abate, if the latest batch of rumours and leaks that come courtesy of VGLeaks are to be believed at any rate. Here's a quick summary of the information their source has provided:

- There is indeed a new Xbox 360 in the works ('Xbox Mini'). It may not have a disc drive and will be an online-only device.

- The Xbox 720/Durango will not feature backwards compatibility out of the box, however, you'll be able stack the 'Xbox Mini' on top of Durango for backwards compatibility.

- The Xbox 720/Durango will be able to play used games.

- The Xbox 720/Durango will always be online, but you'll be able to play local content (i.e. games?) without the internet being required.

If true, then the two most controversial pillars of recent rumours - that the next Xbox would be online-only and unable to play used games - will have been knocked down.

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