Assassin's Creed III: Liberation OST Receives More Awards - News

By Chris Kerr, April 9, 2013

Winifred Phillips, the composer behind the highly praised Assassins Creed III: Liberation soundtrack has been awarded a Game Audeio Network Guild Award for her work on the Vita title. 

The 'Main Theme' music from Assassins Creed III: Liberation won the award in the category of '2012 Best Original Vocal Song - Choral'. The soundtrack has received heaps of praise since the games release and has picked up other accolades including a Global Music Award, a Hollywood Music in Media Award and a 'Best Composer of 2012' award for Philips from

It seems that gamers had something of a love-hate relationship with Liberation, but there is no denying that the soundtrack is a beautifully crafted piece of art. 

If you haven't heard it, do yourself a favour and have a listen to this:

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