Composer for Banjo-Kazooie Hopes for Banjo-Kazooie 3 on Wii U - News

By Michael Beecham, April 7, 2013

Grant Kirkhope, composer for Banjo-Kazooie and dozens of other Rare games, recently appeared on the web show Game Grumps, where he professed his hope for a new Banjo Kazooie game.

Among other things, Kirkhope talks about the overall complicated sound design of Banjo-Kazooie. Kirkhope also talks about what he thinks about a new entry in the series:

“I keep wishing that all the ex-Rare staffers would just get together and form a company, and go to Nintendo and say ‘give us the money. We’ll make you Banjo 3 for the Wii U’ or whatever. Just make Banjo 3 like it should have been made back then and it would be great, and it would be great on Wii U, and all the ex-Rare guys would be together again all happy and kissing each other. I just keep thinking we should just give it a try.”

What do you think, can Banjo-Kazooie be brought back to its formal glory? Or do you think they should leave the franchise alone for good?

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