Yu Suzuki Considering Kickstarter to Finance Shenmue 3 - News

By Craig Snow, March 3, 2013

Could we finally be about to see Shenmue 3?

In an interview with Sebastien-Abdelhamid at the MAGS convention, Yu Suzuki is reported to have said he's considering crowdfunding to back the development of Shenmue 3. Here's the relevant tweet by the interviewer:

Yu Suzuki déclare penser au Crownfunding type Kickstarter pour financer Shenmue 3 !#MAGS

— Sebastien-Abdelhamid (@SAbdelhamid) March 3, 2013

Which apparently translates to:

"Yu Suzuki declares he is thinking about crowdfunding such as Kickstarter to finance Shenmue 3!"

There's no direct quote, so it's possible that this isn't as clear cut an announcement as Yu Suzuki intended. It also sounds like the plan is in its very early stages right now; 'Yu Suzuki declares he is thinking' is a far cry from actually pursuing the crowdfunding avenue. Nonetheless, this is potentially great news for Shenmue fans.

Source: [Facebook]

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