Rumour: Gran Turismo 6 Headed to PlayStation 3... this Year - News

By Craig Snow, February 28, 2013

SCEE’s Senior Vice President, Michael Denny, seems to have put his foot in it. In an interview with Silicon Republic he quite clearly lists Gran Turismo 6 amongst a list of games coming to the PlayStation 3:

"Look at the games coming out on the PlayStation 3 this year like The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, GT6."

He mentions Gran Turismo 6 without any hesitation whatsoever as he lists off a number of first party exclusives headed to the console this year.

It's a possibility that isn't as remote as it might first sound. Gran Turismo 6 has actually been in development since 2010, so a 2013 release isn't out of the question, despite the lack of information thus far released for the title.

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