Heavy Rain Composer Passes Away at 56 - News

By Jake Weston, January 27, 2013

Normand Corbeil, composer best known for his work on Heavy Rain and the upcoming Beyond: Two Souls, has passed away due to Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. He was 56. 

The composer died on Friday, January 25th. The news comes from Cancer Forums member Orly83, most likely Corbeil's son. "My father, Normand Corbeil, 56, passed away today. . . he was a great composer and an amazing dad," he said.  "I am in shock."

Outside of games, Corbeil was also a prolific composer for film and television, working on such projects as Screamers, The Boys, and The Extremists.

Heavy Rain had some of my favorite music not just in games, but some of my favorite music, period. I can't wait to hear Corbeil's work in Beyond: Two Souls. Rest in peace. 

[Source: Cancer Forums via Polygon]

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