Nintendo TVii is Live in America, No Need for Update - News

By Connor Weller, December 20, 2012

As promised yesterday, Nintendo TVii is now live in the US and Canada, without the need for any update. Selecting the icon either from the Home Menu mid-game or the Wii U Menu will send you straight to the app, which sadly does not feature TiVo or Netflix. However, they are likely to be avaliable within the coming weeks.

Nintendo TVii acts as a hub, and lets you browse and watch TV shows via a wide variety of streaming services and TiVo DVRs, with more hopefully being supported in the future. It also features social connectivity, where viewers can post to sites such as Miiverse, Twitter and Facebook using the Gamepad. 

Nintendo TVii, which was thought to have been included in the Day 1 system patch, will be available in Europe in "early 2013" and is avaliable exclusively for the Wii U.

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