Skyrim's Dragonborn out Now - News

By Craig Snow, December 3, 2012

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim's third downloadable content pack is set for release tomorrow on Xbox Live. If you're a PlayStation 3 or PC owner of the game, however, you'll need to wait until early 2013 before you can get your virtual hands on it.

Bethesda are calling it one of their most ambitious add-ons ever, which bodes well, especially considering how well-received Dawnguard was earlier in the year. But then, if the rumours of dragon-riding are true then I doubt many would argue against Bethesda's boast. Dragonborn also hails the return of some of the locales from Morrowind.

Incidentally, and unsurprisingly, Bethesda also hinted at the prospect of more add-ons following in 2013.

Source: [Bethesda Blog]

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