David Fincher's Halo 4 Trailer Will Rustle Your Jimmies - News

By Jake Weston, October 19, 2012

Last night, the new Halo 4 trailer (though it almost qualifies as a short film) debuted on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. If you happened to miss it, be sure to check it out below: 


Produced by David Fincher (director of Seven, Fight Club and Zodiac) and directed by Tim Miller (visual effects artist on Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), this high quality trailer shows Master Chief in the clutches of Halo 4's new enemies, then brings us to a flashback of his childhood, as well as his first time donning his iconic armor. 

Fans of the Halo extended universe will immediately recognize these scenes from Eric Nylund's (excellent) novel Halo: The Fall of Reach. Given the calibur of the filmmakers involved with this short, this trailer could be a good indicator of what a live-action Halo movie would look like. 

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