Karl Koebke


Karl is a Chemistry graduate from Michigan Technological University and is currently working towards a Ph. D. in Biochemistry from University of Wisconsin: Milwaukee. After spending a few months on the VGChartz forums he applied to become a reviewer on a whim in 2008 and, to his surprise, was accepted. Since then he has slowly increased his workload by becoming the site's most prolific reviewer, and one of gamrReview's Editors-in-Chief.  Gaming has been a passion of Karl's since his first playthrough of Pitfall, although he didn't have a favorite genre until he played Earthbound on the Super Nintendo. Since then, JRPGs have been Karl's main focus in gaming and he lists Earthbound, Final Fantasy VII, Super Mario RPG, Persona 4, Shadow of the Colossus and Valkyria Chronicles as his favorite games.

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