Joseph Trotter


Joseph hails from Bury, England, a place famous for black pudding, Robert Peel, the Police force, and inspiring some of Charles Dickens' characters; all the makings of a wild night out. A keen hoarder, Joseph spends much of his spare time and pennies collecting vinyl records and fine books, leaving few moments to actually enjoy these delicacies. Although he always dreamt of playing football for his beloved Leicester City, enthusiasm was unfortunately not meted with talent. Instead, Joseph has somehow ended up at the University of Glasgow studying Classics, where he spends most of his time fraternising with the thoughts of men long dead.

Somewhere between these events Joseph picked up a controller and has never looked back, or up. His first console was a Nintendo 64, brought one Christmas in tandem with his mortal enemy and brother, David. Joseph stumbled upon VGChartz in 2010 off a recommendation from a good friend. Spotting a vacancy the next year, he threw his hat into the ring and was as surprised as everybody else to be offered an editorial/features role, before moving onto the gamrReview team. His favourite games are Zelda: Ocarina of Time, KOTOR, Banjo-Kazooie, Shadow of the Colossus and Half-Life 2. Probably.

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