Arthur Kabrick

Copy Editor

Though Arthur Kabrick began gaming on the original Game Boy, when he experienced PlayStation with the PS1, he never went back – except, of course, for the Gameboy Advance. He joined the site in June 2008, coining the phrase “joined for the numbers, stayed for the community”. It was only in January 2010, however, that he signed up to VG Chartz staff as a reviewer and news/features writer. Among his favourite games of all time are Shadow of the Colossus and the Ratchet & Clank and God of War franchises, as well as those old 2D Zelda games. Recently, however, he has become more of a PC gamer. Arthur was born in, and currently resides in, London (no, not the Canadian one), and other than gaming, his interests include politics, reading science fiction and fantasy, tennis, and, of course, wearing a top hat and monocle and walking around with a cane.

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