Sony Characters That Need a Punch in the Face - Article

By Matt Ashbaugh, April 28, 2012

The top characters that should be included in PlayStation All-star Battle Royale.

While most internet rumors turn out to be fool’s gold, every now and again you get a diamond in the rough. It seems that Sony really is working on a Smash Bros-like mascot fighter titled PlayStation All-Star Battle Royale. Even if it is quite unabashedly borrowing from big N’s brawler, developer SuperBot Entertainment is looking to bring something new to the genre. Get excited, PlayStation fans.

all star

Hades will occasionally attack the fighters on his stage

From what we can tell so far it will try to be as accessible as Nintendo’s franchise while attempting to make itself unique. Instead of altering attacks based on whether or not you “smashed” the analog stick, they give different attacks based on which direction you hold the left analog stick (or d-pad) and hitting the Square, Triangle, or Circle buttons. The right analog stick is used for throwing while the R1 button is used for items.

It's early in development so this might change, but it doesn’t seem like there are visible damage percentages or the ability to defeat an opponent through a “ring-out”. It seems that the only way an opponent is currently defeated is through special attacks. In similar fashion to fighters like Marvel vs Capcom, attacking fills up a special meter. When the meter is full, hitting R2 (the button not the droid) will activate a powerful special move. There are three levels you can charge, giving each character three more moves. Some of the level three attacks are unstoppable screen clearing moves - for example, Sweet Tooth pulls a Gizmoduck and summons his massive truck around himself in robot mode, with which he makes destruction rain on his enemies. Clowns. Am I right? Time will tell if there is anything deeper to the game than punching people until you can use a big special move, but that is a discussion for a later date.

all star battle royale

Notice how the stages have both floors and walls

Instead, today I’m focusing on what other characters we might hopefully see included in this new mascot fighter. We already have six fighters confirmed:

* Fat Princess – uses her love of cake and her ability to summon minions to do some damage.
* Parappa the Rapper – shows off the kung-fu he learned from Chop Chop Master Onion.
* Sly Cooper – stealthy and agile, he can’t block, but he can turn invisible.
* Sweet Tooth – the face of Twisted Metal has a fighting style based on brute strength.
* Kratos – the forever-angry Spartan brings his large arsenal of weapons from God of War.
* Colonel Radec – hailing from the Killzone series, he brought a gun to a punching fight.

Who else should join the fight? For this list I ignored third party possibilities and instead focused on characters from franchises that are Sony exclusive. Since Sony already owns these characters, there's a much better chance of them making an appearance.

Character: Spike (Kakeru in Japan)
Franchise: Ape Escape
Developer: SCE Japan Studio

all star battle royale spike

The spunky and energetic protagonist from the very first Ape Escape would be a good fit for a brawler. He may be good-natured but he always had a bit of an attitude and was rather competitive. He could bring his Time Net, Stun Club, Magic Punch, and other abilities/inventions into the fight with him. I wouldn’t be surprised if we also see one of the series’ trademark monkeys wearing a Pipo Helmet as another playable fighter.

Character: Deimos
Franchise: God of War
Developer: SCE Santa Monica Studios and Ready at Dawn


You want me to yell, "This is Sparta"?  Why?

Who is Deimos? Well, a quick summary of 2010's Ghost of Sparta: he’s the brother of Kratos, who was kidnapped by Ares and imprisoned and tortured by Thanatos because… prophecy stuff. At first Deimos is all, “I hate Kratos!”, but then later, when they're having a fight, Kratos totally saves Deimos from falling down a cliff. So then Deimos was all, “We cool, bro” and they go to fight Thanatos for being a tool. But then Thanatos kills Deimos (which sucks), but Kratos revenge kills Thanatos so it’s sort of cool. Death is only a mild inconvenience for Kratos so it might run in the family.

We already have Kratos, but it is a time-honored tradition in the fighting genre of games to have characters who are ‘semi-clones’. They are characters who share a similar fighting style but behave differently in a fight. Street Fighter has Ken and Ryu while Smash Bros has Fox and Falco; so why not let All-Star have Kratos and Deimos?

Character: Nariko
Franchise: Heavenly Sword
Developer: Ninja Theory


While people used to joke that this was just “God of War in a skirt”, the game is a fun, if short little title with an interesting main character. She is a warrior from a clan who has long protected the titular ‘Heavenly Sword’ that has phenomenal cosmic power… and drains the life force of the wielder (always read that contract before you sign it, kids).

The gameplay from Heavenly Sword would fit in well with this brawler. In the game she had three different attack stances (speed, range, and power) that would go well with the (currently) three kinds of attacks (square, triangle, circle) already being shown. Plus she’s a lady; fighting games can always use more fierce females to balance out the roster.

Characters: Jak and Daxter
Franchise: um… Jak and Daxter
Developer: Naughty Dog


The demolition duo from one of the PlayStation 2’s biggest franchise would be an easy fit. There are those that think they should be separate fighters, but the duo works best as a twosome, even if Jak does all the heavy lifting. Various Eco powers can be his different moves, along with his standard punches and his Crash Bandicoot-like spin move. He’s also no stranger to using guns, if they feel he needs a projectile. The special meter attacks can be anything from Jak hopping on his hoverboard to a Dark Jak transformation. Their inclusion should be a no-brainer.

Character: Cole McGrath
Franchise: inFamous
Developer: Sucker Punch


The only superhero that has to stay inside when it rains

The bike messenger turned electric parkour vigilante would make for a great glass cannon fighter. He’s already a playable fighter in Street Fighter x Tekken. He has his amp melee weapon for standard attacks as well as a hover ability for maneuverability in the air. His electric attacks already resemble missiles and grenades, making his moveset quite varied. He could even use his electric tether as a distance grab. Lightning storm as a spectacular special meter move is a lock.

Also, that thing I was saying about ‘semi-clones’ before? Have Good and Evil Cole as separate fighters. Good Cole would fight with blue energy and his Arc Restraint binding moves, while Evil Cole would have red energy and drain his opponents with Bio Leech. Plus we could finally have the two fight each other.

Character: Wander the Wanderer
Franchise: Shadow of The Colossus
Developer: Team Ico

wander shadow of colossus

He doesn’t say much, but with a few arrows, a sword, a horse, and finger strength of the Gods he was able to fell massive colossi in his game. Naturally he would bring along his sword and arrows to the fight. He could use his shining blade to blind (stun) his opponents. With grip strength being a key game mechanic, I could see him being a technical grabbing fighter who is weak but quick. He would run circles around you and wear you down before the kill.

His horse Agro could show up thanks to special meter moves as well his transforming into the Shadowy Giant possessed by Dormin’s spirit. Sorry for the spoiler from a 2005 game.

Character: Sackboy/Sackgirl
Franchise: LittleBigPlanet
Developer: Media Molecule


It's always the quiet ones

If there was a “mascot” for PlayStation 3 it would be Sackboy. You might think he’d be worthless in a fight but his games are filled with move possibilities. You can already slap the bejeebuz out of other players in his game (especially humorous when holding the frying pan). Since the first game we have seen the addition of (paintball) guns, plasma blasters, and a tether hook. Not to mention he could have access to jetpacks and explosions. It'd be real nice if his costume options were even half as expansive as they are in his own game. Doubly nice if any of those DLC costumes you have downloaded were accessible in All-Stars as well. It probably won't happen, but a gamer can dream.

Most interesting of all is his series’ trademark of creating stages. A character that can summon items and blocks from nothing would be a tricky and powerful fighter indeed, especially if he gains the ability to enter “build mode” as one of his special meter moves. Pausing everything on the screen and letting him simply delete anything he doesn’t want. Like the other fighters. As he smiles that yarn and felt smile. Looking at you with those button eyes of his. Looking at your delicious squishy soul.

Don't anger the Sackboy.

Character: Nathan Drake
Franchise: Uncharted
Developer: Naughty Dog

nathan drake punch

Nathan Pawnch!!!!

Of course we need Nolan Nor… Nathan Drake in this fight. He’s one of the most murderific action game characters to ever come out. He could punch, shoot, and chuck grenades. One of his special meter moves could be killing you with quips while he climbs the side of the stage. Or he could set the whole stage on fire and challenge everybody to a climb off. You may think Wander would have a chance if not for, you know, guns.

Seriously though, he'd be a lot of fun as a standard fighter with his range, melee, and explosions.

Characters: Ratchet & Clank
Franchise: Ratchet & Clank: Subtitle is a cheeky pun Series
Developer: Insomniac Games

ratchet and clank

The Japanese cover is just too funny.

In this early alpha build, we've already seen stage elements that use Ratchet & Clank-style elements, so these two can’t be far behind. Even more so than Jak and Daxter, these two belong together; I don’t want to see Clank by himself with the Chronosceptor from A Crack in Time. Clank functions best as Ratchet’s mobility booster. Ratchet, of course, can attack with his wrench as well any of the dozens upon dozens of different weapon options from across his ten different games (so far). This would all add up to a quick ranged fighter with tons of options for controlling the field. Special meter moves could include his powerful RYNO (rip ya’ a new one) weapon, the Sheepinator, or even the mighty Mega Clank.

Characters: Murray, Bentley, and Carmelita
Franchise: Sly Cooper
Developer: Sucker punch


Bentley > Slippy any day of the week

Sure, we already have Sly, but why not go for broke? The last two titles in the Sly Cooper trilogy had you tackling missions with different characters. These characters ended up just as fleshed out as Sly ever was and would each be great additions to a mascot brawler. Murray (a.k.a. “The Murray”) was slow but powerful. Bentley (I went with the current canon of having him in a techno-wheelchair) was great with tranquilizer darts and explosions. Carmelita Montoya Fox is a fiercely smart and agile fighter with a blaster gun for ranged attacks. Plus she’s a female; as I said before, franchise fighting games always need more female characters. They have all been playable characters in an action-platforming game, so the hard work of giving them a move list is already done. Plus it would be nice advertisement/promotion for the upcoming Sly 4.

Well, that’s it for now. There are many more Sony-owned characters to choose from that would be great additions. Time will tell if this new title will be able to find the same mix of accessible and competitive that the Smash Bros franchise is known for. I say the more the merrier. A little competition is good for business and good for the gamers who reap the rewards of these new creations. Besides, who knows? Maybe a Nintendo vs Sony fighting game could eventually come out of this. It'd be worth it just to put Cole McGrath and Pikachu on the same team.

So, what do you all think? Are you excited? Concerned? Irritated that I didn’t mention Solid Snake? Leave a comment and let’s keep the conversation going.

As always this article is the work of a single writer and not necessarily the opinions of gamrReview as a whole.

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