About Us

gamrReview covers news, reviews, previews and general articles relating to the videogame industry. We officially launched in March 2012, although gamrReview actually began life as the review section of VGChartz in the first quarter of 2010.

Over the course of a two year period the review team (and their library of reviews) was gradually built up under the leadership of the then review head, Nick Pantazis. By 2010 the review section of VGChartz had established itself as one of the four key sections of the site and, when VGChartz became the VGChartz Network, the review section was officially given the title gamrReview and its own sub-site.

In 2011, Karl Koebke and Craig Snow, gamrReview's two most prolific reviewers, took over as joint Editors-in-Chief, managing a team of roughly 20 review and preview writers.

gamrReview finally re-launched as an entirely separate and independent entity in March 2012, taking the form of the site you see today. We continue to focus on both previews and reviews, and have now commenced publication of various articles and features, as well as news.